6th Biennale Versaillaise

Together with the mayor of Versailles, mr.François de Mazière who inaugurated the exhibition. My artistic participation received a honourable ” Mention” by the jury.

Segnalati Malta

“Segnalati Malta,” the International Art Exhibition held at the Parliament of Malta from October 6th to 23rd, was inaugurated by The Honorable Anglu Farrugia M.P., Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of Malta. As I stood between Dott. Sandro Serradifalca (art editor) and Dott. Salvatore Russo (art curator and critic), I graciously accepted his congratulations.

Awarded in Sanremo

I was honored to be presented with the Career Art Award by Francesco Russo in recognition of my artistic journey and as a source of inspiration to keep bringing my creative visions to fruition. The ceremony was held at the renowned Casino Theater in Sanremo, Italy.

10 Invité(e)s d’honneur

As part of the 30ème Festival International de Sculpture Camille Claudel, I show 3 brand new sculptures in the exhibition 10 Invité(e)s d`honneur in Maison de La Bresse, La Bresse, France.


In the context of the 8ème Symposium International de Sculpture monumentale sur pierre in Durbuy, Belgium I have been invited to show work in the beautiful Parc des Topiaires and its exhibition space which resulted in the solo exhibition “BEESTENBOEL” .

Awarded in Thionville

After my solo exhibition “My Private Zoo” in La Bresse, 2 of my sculptures traveled on to the

5ème Salon International des Beaux-Arts in Thionville

where I had the honour of receiving the gold medal in the presence of the mayor of Thionville, Pierre Cuny and his 1st adjutant Véronique Schmit.

3 Fairy Tales

READING – MUSIC – ART Book presentation with music and art in Vienna on 15-16-17 October.

A “fairytale event combination with the book presentation of the imaginative stories by musical director & storyteller CORNELIUS BALTUS, the unplugged songs by the singer-songwriter duo “THE MARVIN ROAD” and the artistic illustrations by me, GUNN 4 ART.

Nice to see that our book 3 FAIRY TALES evokes such enthusiastic reactions!

3 Fairy Tales

At the opening of my exhibition ” My private zoo” I surprised everyone with the presentation of my very first book: 3 Fairy Tales. A joint project with my long-term friend, the well-known musical director Cornelius Baltus.  The beautiful rich and descriptive text is from his hand and the illustrations are by me. I was so happy and proud to hand over the first copy to both my sons, Lawrence and Wessel. Thank you guys so much for modeling for the Cloud Jumper!!

This beautiful bound book with ribbon, 185 pages in an exclusive edition of only 250 copies is now available.  Are you interested in a copy signed by me?  … email me for payment and shipping info.