The Artist

Kathinka Gunn, a Dutch artist and sculptor, was born in the Netherlands in 1960.

Her deep affinity with the animal kingdom was rooted in her formative years spent in the Dutch countryside, where horses, dogs and other animals were her constant companions. These early experiences laid the foundation for her future as a leading artist known for her exceptional sculptures.

During her early years, Kathinka was deeply immersed in the equestrian world. Her unwavering dedication and commitment led her to achieve the title of Dutch Youth Eventing Champion and subsequently embark on a career as a riding instructor.

However, her passion for the visual arts continued to flourish. Kathinka received her artistic training at the Royal Academy of Art in s’Hertogenbosch, the oldest art academy in the Netherlands. After completing her studies in 1983, she began her artistic journey, moving to Amsterdam to establish herself as an independent artist, focusing mainly on sculptural works.

In the lively environment of the Amsterdam art scene, Kathinka immersed herself deeply in her profession. Here she refined her signature style of absurd realism in her sculptures, creating pieces that exude both power and ingenious humor.

In 2002, a new chapter began when Kathinka and her family moved to the picturesque Alsace countryside. Here she transformed an old barn into a spacious art studio, where her characteristic animal sculptures came to life. Surrounded by her beloved animals, it is no wonder that they became the central theme of her artistic endeavors.

Operating under the banner ‘GUNN 4 ART‘, Kathinka has become a renowned artist, especially renowned for her sculptural creations, where she occasionally ventures into painting and illustration. Her works of art are distinguished by their innovative use of materials, including iron, wire, lead, freshly cut branches, polyester and rubber, which fascinates art lovers and collectors alike. Her sculptures masterfully capture the anatomy and character of animals and reflect her in-depth knowledge of the subject. Kathinka’s unique artistic style, often described as ‘absurd realism’, firmly establishes her as a prominent figure in the world of animal art.

Kathinka’s exceptional artistic ability has achieved international acclaim, marked by prestigious awards in Italy and France, including the Prix Colmont from the Académie des Beaux-Arts-Institut de France in Paris and the Prix Edouard Marcel Sandoz from the Salon d’Automne in Paris.

Art critic by Dott. Salvatore Russo:

“Kathinka Gunn’s sculptures have a soul. She has always been very attentive to the animal world. Her works have a unique lightness, they almost seem to take flight from one moment to the next. Timeless works. Works that only the genius of an international mind can give birth to. Kathinka creates, moulds, experiments. These are the characteristics of a sculptor who truly speaks an international language. A language that will surely lead her sculptures to be exhibited in the most important museums in the world: from New York to Paris, from London to Berlin and from Hong Kong to Taipei”.